Strategic Planning

Our multidisciplinary team of strategists work to grow your business by giving your brand a unique Emotional Advantage.
Emotional Advantage

Humans are unreasonable. We’d like to think that logic, reason and facts guide our behavior, but the truth is we make decisions based on what’s easy, what’s familiar, and our emotions. Things that connect with our heart, not our head, guide our actions. 

And while the world is definitely changing fast, what hasn’t changed is our basic human needs and desires - to love, to laugh, to succeed, to belong to something bigger than ourselves, to feel safe, to grow or may be just to cry.

At DDB, we grow our clients’ businesses by giving brands an Emotional Advantage™. Knowing that people make decision based on emotions, and understanding the core human drivers, allows us to create these emotional connections at scale, with mass audiences, to deliver results at scale.

Emotional Advantage™ is achieved when a brand has fame, feeling and fluency. A brand that comes readily to mind, that prompts an emotional response in me, and is easy to recognize, will grow. Brands that don’t strive for an Emotional Advantage™ will be left behind.

DDB; our business is to grow yours.



1. A dedicated multidisciplinary team composed of researchers, data analysts, marketing scientists, account planners and media planners work to develop a data-driven understanding of the target audience, the consumer journey and possible communication channels.


2. Grounded in data but equally fluent in culture, our team will help you uncover the powerful emotions, behaviors and cultural triggers that your brand can leverage to inspire people into action.


3. We create innovative, inspiring, and actionable strategies that operate at the intersection of culture and technology to measurably grow our client’s business in the short and long term.


4. We collaborate across disciplines to produce impactful experiences and creative communications solutions that make brands culturally relevant, emotionally resonant and impossible to ignore.